UniversityManage is an IT services provider headquartered in Chicago with operations across the world. We provide softwares and online web-based software to implement the training institutes works in a easy way .We achieve this by focusing on industry verticals where we have strong database expertise. is a web based online university manage software specially crafted for Universities. The software is highly modular and supports the end to end business functions of a educational institutes.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. Our extensive IT experiences bring more innovation, newer technology, thus new products and services.

We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect and adding value with efficient and cost-effective service and solutions for our customers.


Thinking big is not enough, we have big goals, big models and big habits to drive our business clients towards their big way and protect them along the way. We believe midsize companies are becoming an engine for growth in the global economy and tremendous opportunity to expand.

Our Products