This module captures student profiles and optionally automates student selection process.Screens are provided to capture student attendance, period wise. System processes attendance data to determine if the student meets the eligibility criteria to apply for examinations.User is allowed to access advanced query options to view student data and generate reports based on different criteria.


The Staff Management is for maintaining staff details , their designation ,etc .So that staffs entered here can access personal login to your domain .This module mainly focus on staffs and faculty.


In this Module we mentioned all facilities.College Room allocation to separate branches.System provides separate module which contains information of the Room Details, Building Details of the College. Room Details and Building Block Information contains the detail about the room capacity and availability during new stocks comming.


System will automatically track the fee collection of every student i.e. right after the admission of a student system will plan full schedule of fee collection for the student for one full year and will notify the accounts department if there is a delay in the payment and according the late fee policy in your school system will automatically calculate the amount to be calculated at any given date.Accounting system is also synchronized with the examination system i.e. accounting system will know by exam schedules that when and how much examination fee has to be collected from students.

Auto Timetable

'Automatic time table' option is the easiest way to generate a time table that meets your scheduling requirements. The user defines the rules for scheduling. These rules may specify the staff priority order, how many hours a staff can conduct classes, whether consecutive hours are allowed or not, lab hours are scheduled in the forenoon or after noon sessions consideration for lady teachers and many more.


The hostel management is used efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the institute.Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, lodging and other facilities. The hostel segment provides online status of room availability and allocations. Students get information on rent structures, health, and personal care.Reports on attendance/leave, disciplinary action, hostel fee receipts etc can be generated and e-alerts sent to parents/guardians.


Transport module takes care of your transport operations. This module captures important information about the fleet and their usage. The fleet may consist of different type of vehicles. Details of the vehicles such as registration number, vehicle number, insurance particulars and routes. Routes consist of stages and stops. Students and staff are assigned to route and stops. Fees are defined at the stage level, which is configurable. Fuel usage is another are of concern to the management.


Library is a well-designed & advanced resource planning system helpful to track media owned, orders made, bills paid and patrons who have borrowed. This software solution easily handles the maintenance of the library media collections including books, CDs, documents, equipments, server access etc. Options for media entry, author details, publisher details, supplier details are also provided. Library genie is programmed to issue membership cards and send e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals.


It contains the four section information about Billing, Collection Information, Selected Installment, miscellaneous charges. Billing In this form student Application number is important tool because through this number we can search student Personal as well as academic information.It contains the subfields fee structure have information about amount of fee, based on the courses, Personal Details.


The Inventory Management system stores item information for the Sales Order Management, Procurement, and manufacturing systems. It also stores sales and purchasing costs and quantities available by location and places holds on locations from which you do not sell items. You update the general ledger inventory account balances with any change in inventory valuation, count variances, or movement.